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Learn how to paint IRONMAN´S HELMET with  Rut Villamagna, Rut has been working for more than 20 years in great movies such as The Batman, Star Wars episodes VII, VIII and IX, Rogue One, Fantastic Beasts 2 and 3, Maleficent, Thor the Dark World, Warcraft, 1917, Guardians of the Galaxy vol.1, Isle of Dogs, Frankenweenie or Pan's Labyrinth among others. That means that you are learning from the best!

You will be guided through 9 lessons to the steps to achieve an amazing IRONMAN HELMET finish. The course includes tips and tricks to chrome, sealing the chrome, tinting the chrome and fixing possible mistakes.

This is not a beginners course, you need to have a little experience spraying lacquers. Having a good respirator mask and a spray booth is very very important. 

A good gold finish is always hard to paint, Rut Villamagna shows you how: "I am proud to offer training classes online by me who spray these products every day at work on the film industry"


Improve your skills and get the perfect IRONMAN´S HELMET through different lessons:

1- getting a great chrome finish.

2- seal your chrome helmet.


3- turn your chrome into gold and candy red.

4- learn how to use water based paints and how to react when things goes wrong.

Once you purchase this course, you will have access to it forever on streaming. 

The price of the course is unbeatable and you will love the flexibility of being able to revisit the video tutorials repeatedly, you just need to go online.


and it is around 1 hour.

Have a look at the list of materials you will need here.




"Felicidades Rut, pedazo de cursillo. Me lo he visto para aprendérmelo antes de que me lleguen los materiales ¡Y ahora estoy ansiosa por que lleguen! ¡Gracias y enhorabuena!."



Rut Villamagna Pintora en el mundo del Cine
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